Carole E. Goldberg Awards

The Carole E. Goldberg Award was created in 2015 to recognize the extraordinary service by an emeritus/emerita professor to the academic enterprise after retirement. The award honors outstanding service in professional, University, Academic Senate, emeriti, departmental, editorial posts or committees.

Past Carole E. Goldberg Awardees

2018-2019 Goldberg Winner

Rinaldo Canalis, Professor of Head and Neck Surgery, retired in 2010 after thirty-seven years at UCLA as a surgeon-scientist with extraordinary skill as a teacher and mentor.  He is a world-renowned authority on the facial nerve and has offered special anatomy labs to resident physicians who praise his intellectual nimbleness, civility and graciousness.  He was, and remains, a beloved figure for his numerous trainees.

Since retirement Rinaldo has continued to teach, collaborating in setting up a new anatomy course for the residents and helping to develop a Facial Nerve Center.   His gracious diplomacy has been praised as a stabilizing force when his department recently went through a difficult leadership transition.  He continues to contribute his academic wisdom as an emeritus. 

Perhaps his most notable accomplishment in retirement has been his partnership with the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.  In 2015 he co-organized a major international conference inspired by the work of the 16th century anatomist, Andreas Vesalius, entitled “The Illustrated Body: Painting, Anatomy and Art in the Renaissance,” and he co-edited the resulting volume in 2018.  Dr. Canalis in 2018 co-organized a conference on the representation of disease in art and literature in the Medieval and Early Modern eras.  Both conferences were funded by the Ahmanson Foundation, as will his future explorations in Medical Humanities at CMRS.  He has showed himself to be a genuine “Renaissance Man,” whose emeritus service to two disparate schools of UCLA makes him worthy of the 2019 Carole E. Goldberg Award.