Carole E. Goldberg Awards

The Carole E. Goldberg Award was created in 2015 to recognize the extraordinary service by an emeritus/emerita professor to the academic enterprise after retirement. The award honors outstanding service in professional, University, Academic Senate, emeriti, departmental, editorial posts or committees.

Past Carole E. Goldberg Awardees

2017-2018 Goldberg Winner

Stephen C. Yeazell, David G. Price and Dallas P. Price Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus, has been awarded the Carole E. Goldberg Emeriti Service Award for 2018. Stephen is a specialist in the history, theory, and dynamics of modern civil litigation, and in retirement he continues to teach courses in Civil Litigation. While Stephen has received UCLA’s highest awards for teaching (the University's Distinguished Teaching Award; Law School’s Rutter Award) as well as for research (the UCLA Faculty Research Lectureship), the Carole E. Goldberg Award honors his extraordinary service to the Law School and the campus as a whole. He has served as Associate Dean and Interim Dean of the School of Law, as well as the Chair of the UCLA Academic Senate and Chair of the Committee on Academic Personnel and innumerable important search committees. He has been an exemplary university citizen since 1975.