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Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy Retires

Director of Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center leaves after 16 years

Present and past members of the emeriti association board of directors had a bitter/sweet dinner on January 18, 2015 at Koutoubia in Westwood, honoring Eddie Murphy, the retiring director of the ERRC for the past 16 years. Variously referred to as the queen, the doyenne or the mother hen of all retirees and emeriti, Eddie ran the office and its programs with warmth, grace, and a bottomless reserve of enthusiasm, energy and imagination. Every officer and board member depended on her wisdom and insight in carrying out their functions. She developed new programs too numerous to count. She pushed and prodded, but with such grace that you didn’t even feel it happening, but the outcome of what you were doing was always better. Behind the scenes she propped up people who needed support and in economic straits, she used available resources to pull them through. She is special and we will all miss her.

At the same time we wish her well in her new adventure, the restoration of an historic home in her native Ohio. Like Eddie the house has good “bones” and like the ERRC, this will be a labor of love. Eddie plans to retain her home in Orange County and will spend part of each year with us in California. Eddie may not be a daily part of our lives, but she will be of our hearts. Good luck and Godspeed EDDIE!