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UCLA Emeriti Association

For one day every May, the Sylvia Winstein Emeriti Arts and Crafts Exhibit has transformed the California Room of the Faculty Center into a gallery of earthly delights. UCLA Emeriti and their spouses are invited to show their original productions at the show. Newly retired exhibitors are encouraged to participate. The event is a high point of the Emeriti year and culminates with a celebrated buffet, an epicure's delight.

In 2003 the Emeriti Arts & Crafts Exhibit was renamed the Sylvia Winstein Emeriti Arts & Crafts Exhibit to honor Sylvia's decades long dedication to this event. Her talent and energy as Chair shaped the art show into a beloved institution. Sylvia Winstein's enthusiasm and love for the artists and their work remains in happy memory.

How To Show Your Work at the Art Show

All Emeritus/Emeritas Professors and or spouses are eligible to show their original arts or crafts work at the show.

Please call the Emeriti/Retirees Center at (310) 825-7456 or email us at if you have any questions.

May 2021 - Emeriti Virtual Arts & Crafts Exhibits

The Sylvia Winstein Emeriti Art Show goes virtual this spring as our artists didn’t spend the Covid lockdown just sitting on their hands---they were busy doing what creative folks do---painting, drawing, photographing, stitching, knitting, and putting stuff together in unexpectedly wonderful ways. Twenty-one artists, including our Featured Artist Sylvia Raz, assured me they would be happy to participate. Hope you will enjoy this virtual show.

-- Sharon Belkin, Chair, Arts and Crafts Committee

UCLA Emeriti Virtual Arts and Crafts Exhibit 2021 - Artists List

Artist's Statement

"I was born in Montevideo from European parents. I was three times an immigrant. So I speak different languages, and I like to observe us, human beings. I like to work in a variety of media and styles, what matters to me is the message, or confronting the viewer with my reality. Stone, clay, painting, sculpture, even knitting, I love them all! But for a long time I have been focusing on mixed media sculpture using the found object (I want to save the world, and there is so much to be found here!). But the common thread that unifies my work is the commentary about our human condition, touching on women's issues and sometimes in politics."

— Sylvia Raz