Sylvia Winstein Emeriti Arts & Crafts Exhibit

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For one day every May, the Sylvia Winstein Emeriti Arts and Crafts Exhibit has transformed the California Room of the Faculty Center into a gallery of earthly delights. UCLA Emeriti and their spouses are invited to show their original productions at the show. Newly retired exhibitors are encouraged to participate. The event is a high point of the Emeriti year and culminates with a celebrated buffet, an epicure's delight.

In 2003 the Emeriti Arts & Crafts Exhibit was renamed the Sylvia Winstein Emeriti Arts & Crafts Exhibit to honor Sylvia's decades long dedication to this event. Her talent and energy as Chair shaped the art show into a beloved institution. Sylvia Winstein's enthusiasm and love for the artists and their work remains in happy memory.

How To Show Your Work at the Art Show

All Emeritus/Emeritas Professors and or spouses are eligible to show their original arts or crafts work at the show.

Please call the Emeriti/Retirees Center at (310) 825-7456 or email us at if you have any questions.

Tuesday, May 16, 2023 - Emeriti Arts and Crafts Exhibit

Through devotion and hard work twenty-two artists, including Emeriti Association members and their spouses as well as five artists from the Retirees Association, will proudly display a variety of artworks on May 16. Exhibition categories include acrylic painting, calligraphy, Japanese Folk Art, jewelry, oil painting, photography, sculpture, and watercolor painting.

Please visit the 45th Sylvia Winstein UCLA Emeriti Arts and Crafts Exhibit on-
Tuesday, May 16, 2023
Exhibition: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Morrison Room (formerly California Room), UCLA Faculty Club

Shirley Ho, Chair, Arts and Crafts Committee

Register online or return card sent with paper invitation

Sylvia Winstein Emeriti 2023

Artist's Statement

Most of my works are two- or three-dimensional collages that integrate several different media: acrylic, watercolor, oil, modeling paste, wood pieces, canvas pieces, cloths, found objects, and other materials. I paint on canvas, paper, or plywood board, depending on the characteristics and materials I use for the third dimension. I consider color and composition to be the crucial elements of painting and try to create beauty in a non-figurative style. Beauty and harmony, I believe, are still crucial elements in contemporary art.

I have an enduring interest in classical music - not only in itself but also as it relates to the personality of the musicians. In several dozen portraits of classical music composers, from Hildegard de Bingen to György Kurtág, I want to capture the soul of each composer through colors, composition, and form.”

— Kati Radics