The Association’s archives are located in the Emeriti/Retiree Relations Center in Rolfe Hall.

The first archivist was Robert Vosper, but there were no formal archives. When Norah Jones became archivist, the organization of the archives began in 1993 with materials that the Director of the Emeriti Service Center (now known as the Emeriti/Retiree Relations Center) had saved over the years as well as papers from several of its officers. It is updated as new materials are received. The committee solicits any papers of the Association that a member no longer needs as well as biographical information of its members. The archives are in two sections:

The Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center is in Rolfe Hall

(1) The biographical records of its members, which include the returned Biobibliographic Surveys, information such as vitas, and other information about a member found in official university publications and other sources. The records of deceased members are eventually filed in the University Archives located in the Charles Young Research Library

(2) The records of the Association, which include its Constitution and Bylaws, list of officers, minutes of the Board, and committee reports. The committee took on the responsibility of creating and maintaining the archives of the Council of University of California Emeriti Associations (CUCEA), which is also located in the Emeriti/Retiree Relations Center.

The UCLA Academic Senate Executive Office requests from the committee information on deceased faculty members and administrators, both retired and those who have died in-service. This involves pulling any materials about the individual in the biographical file, collecting biographical materials from reference works in the UCLA Libraries, obituaries in newspapers and UCLA Today, and checking the World Wide Web. This information is then forwarded by the Academic Senate Executive Office to the deceased member’s department for the writing of the In Memoriam.

The archivist encourages individual emeriti to deposit materials directly in the University Archives in the Charles Young Research Library, advising them and acting as may be helpful as liaison between them and the University Archivist.

Ralph Johnson became archivist in 2009, but he had served with Norah Jones since 1993. Assisting him now is Arline Zuckerman.