Dickson Awards

The Dickson’s are awarded to emeriti from any campus department who have, during their formal retirement years, continued their distinguished academic pursuits.

Past Dickson Award Winners (2006/07 - 2018/19)


2018-2019 Dickson Award Winners

Richard L. Abel, Michael J. Connell Distinguished Research Professor of Law, has been internationally recognized for his scholarship on legal sociology and the legal profession. With a Ph.D (London) and an LL.B (Columbia), he was a pioneer in public interest law and one of the founders of the field of Law and Society. He has written 20 books and edited eight others. Since his retirement in 2009 he has been especially productive on human rights law and the “law of terror.” In a tremendous accomplishment, Rick published TWO complementary books in 2018 with the Cambridge University Press: Law’s Wars: The Fate of the Rule of Law in the US “War on Terror,” and a companion book, Law’s Trials: The Performance of Legal Institutions in the US “War on Terror.” Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of Law at UC Berkeley, called the latter “the most comprehensive book yet” on the legal consequences of 9/11. In January 2019, Rick Abel was awarded the 2019 Outstanding Scholar Award by the American Bar Foundation. Typically, this annual prize is given by the leaders of the legal profession to a distinguished colleague at the height of his or her career, so it is exceptional that he has been honored for scholarship produced after a decade of retirement. As an emeritus, he has remained an engaged member of the UCLA Law School and has taught on recall multiple times while still mentoring younger colleagues and lecturing around the world on legal sociology and human rights.

Ivan Berend, Distinguished Research Professor of History, has been internationally renowned for more than six decades for his scholarship on European History. Born in Budapest in 1930, he was interned at the age of fourteen at the Nazi concentration camp of Dachau. Ivan later became Professor of Economic History at Budapest University, Rector of that University, and President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Of his 35 authored books, 14 have been published since Ivan’s arrival at UCLA in 1990 and his books have been translated into fourteen languages. While at UCLA, Ivan served as the Director of the Center for European and Eurasian Studies for twelve years. He has been elected to ten national academies and received multiple honorary doctorates. On his retirement in 2015, he was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Since his retirement in 2015, he has continued teaching on recall and has an astonishing four books published or in press. They include, A History of the European Union: A New Perspective (2016); Against European Integration. The European Union and its Discontents (2019 forthcoming); and, Populist Demagogues in Modern European Politics,1910-2018 (2019 forthcoming). His broad historical knowledge, his masterful teaching, and his administrative skills, not to mention his cosmopolitan charm, have all contributed greatly to the UCLA academic community.


James Cherry, Distinguished Research Professor of Pediatrics, has had an exemplary career at UCLA for forty years as a physician, teacher, research scientist, and academic administrator. He garnered international acclaim for his research and teaching in the field of pediatric infectious diseases. Since his retirement in 2013, he has remained productive as a scholar and an international spokesman on vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases and has given invited lectures at 13 national/international meetings. He has been chief editor of Feigen and Cherry’s Textbook of Pediatric Infectious Diseases (8th edition, 2019), the most comprehensive textbook on the subject ever written. In retirement, James has been the author or co-author of sixteen peer-reviewed research papers, with exceptionally important contributions to the study of pertussis (whooping cough) in infants. On that subject he has lectured widely in America and Europe. In addition, he has played an important role in studies of the Zika virus in pregnant women as well as taking a leading public role in the measles outbreak in 2015, when he gave more than 100 media interviews to spread awareness and encourage vaccination. In 2018, Dr. Cherry received the Lifetime Achievement Award for Infectious Disease Education from the American Academy of Pediatrics.