Emeriti have always played an important role in serving as a resource to their colleagues and students, sharing their wisdom and experience, filling in to teach essential courses and generally assisting their colleagues in the tasks associated with their academic responsibilities. More recently, two more formal programs have been initiated.

The Emericorp Mentors are a group of UCLA emeriti who volunteer to provide career advice and coaching for Associate Professors who are seeking to advance to the rank of Full Professor. The Emericorp Mentors are retired faculty from all disciplines who understand the level of scholarship and achievement necessary to advance to the rank of Full Professor at UCLA. Each mentoring relationship is unique and evolves to support the needs of the individual mentee.

Emeriti Mentors are retired professors who volunteer to mentor a participating UCLA undergraduate student. With long careers as teachers and scholars at UCLA, their broad understanding of the university, and their lively interest in undergraduate welfare, Mentors can help enrich their mentees' undergraduate educations. This program is currently in hiatus and is being reorganized. Click here to learn more.

Mentoring by the Emeriti